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Printable Wedding Planner

In this digital age, we're all glued to our screens, but there's something awesome about having an actual, physical planner in your hands.

First off, it's like your wedding GPS. All the important stuff, from vendor contacts to timelines, is right there in one handy book. No need to dig through your phone or scroll forever – just flip those pages and bam, you're on track.

And don't even get me started on the feels. A printed planner becomes this cool keepsake, a real-deal memory book of your journey to saying, "I do." Imagine cracking it open years later, reliving the decisions and the excitement leading up to your big day.

Oh, and let's talk about reliability. No stressing about a dead battery or tech hiccups. Your trusty printed planner is there, ready to roll whenever you need it. It's like the superhero of wedding planning – always dependable.

And the joy of physically checking things off? Priceless. There's just something satisfying about making notes and crossing out tasks in the margins. It's like you're putting your personal stamp on the whole planning shebang.

So, in a nutshell, a printed wedding planner isn't just a tool. It's a keepsake, a sidekick, and a real, tangible piece of the awesome story you're cooking up for your wedding day. 📔✨

Wedding photographer taking pictures of details

Alright, imagine this: a wedding that's like a party on steroids! 🎉 Here's the lowdown on a kick-ass, well-organized celebration:

Timeline and Schedule

Imagine a timeline that's not just on point but also leaves room for those unexpected dance-offs. It's a schedule that screams, "Let's do this, but also, let's have some fun!"

Here are two examples of our "perfect wedding timeline"

Invitations and RSVPs

Invitations so cool that they practically do a little dance when you open them. And RSVPs? It's like a game – hit confirm, and you're in for a party of a lifetime!Sending out invitations is a gesture that acknowledges the importance of the guest in the couple's life. It's a way of saying, "We want you there to share in our joy and celebration. A thoughtfully designed invitation creates excitement and anticipation among guests. It's like sending out a little teaser for the main event, making everyone eager to be part of your special day.

Venue Layout and Decor

We're talking about a venue that's not just pretty but practically a Pinterest dream come true. Decor so Instagrammable, your feed might just explode with likes.

Vendor Coordination

Vendors in sync, like a dance crew hitting every move perfectly. No missteps, just a seamless performance to make your day epic. Ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding the timeline, setup, and execution of their respective responsibilities. This helps in avoiding hiccups and ensures a smooth flow of events. Inevitably, challenges may arise during the wedding day. Vendor coordination enables quick and effective problem-solving, as vendors can work together to address issues and find solutions without causing stress for the couple.

Ceremony Details

The ceremony is not just a formality; it's a blockbuster event with heartfelt vows, happy tears, and maybe a surprise guest appearance. Guests won't need a map; it's all clearly laid out, and the signposts are hilarious.

Reception Flow

Reception time? Buckle up for a wild ride! From entrance to dinner to speeches that are more stand-up comedy than toast, it's a rollercoaster of fun.It is like the grand finale, the moment when the celebration kicks into high gear and the real party begins. It's not just a meal; it's a feast of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.


The dance floor? It's not just alive; it's practically on fire! Your DJ or live band is not just playing music; they're curating an experience. Think confetti canons and dance-offs.

Photography and Videography

Photos are not just pics; they're memories in the making. The videography? It's like your own blockbuster movie, capturing all the drama, love, and laughter.

See our portfolio here

Guest Experience

They're treated like VIPs with cool swag bags, comfy seats, and signs that make them laugh or point them to the open bar – priorities, right?

Emergency Plan

Got a Plan B for everything because, let's face it, life is unpredictable. Rain? We dance in it. Cake mishap? Cupcakes for everyone!

This isn't just a wedding; it's a love-filled, laugh-out-loud, dance-like-nobody's-watching kind of bash! 🚀💑✨

couple celebrating after ceremony

Rock & Love Weddings

We provide a wedding photography and film service in US,Mexico and Europe, but we are based in NYC. Our cinematic style of films can be described as candid and photojournalistic. We love capturing natural moments that show the real essence of our wedding couples and their guests. We know you want your personality to really shine through in your wedding photos and film, and our approach is to do exactly that through our unobtrusive and natural style. You can see more of our work on our wedding portfolio, and see more of our NYC weddings over on our NYC Photography & Film page.

Ready to chat? We'd love to hear from you! Head to our contact page to check our availability for your wedding day.


As a wedding photographer with seven years of capturing love stories under my belt, I've seen it all. Trust me, when a bride's got everything organized, it's not just a win for her – it's a win for the magic we create together in those photos.

So, here's the deal: I'm celebrating my 8th anniversary in this awesome profession, and I'm feeling all the good vibes. As a big thank you to all the incredible couples I've met along the way, I'm handing out a little gift – a free printable wedding planner just for you! Let's make those wedding dreams come to life, and let the celebration begin! 📸💕🎉

Download here:

Minimalist Printable Wedding Planner
Download PDF • 24.12MB


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