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 Wedding Photography And Videography In Spain

Nos gustan las imágenes y los videos que muestran emociones y los protagonistas no estan demasiado rígidas, nos gusta capturar todo natural pero tambien jugar con la mejor luz y posiciones, pero sobretodo queremos que disfrutes, te rias y saques el jugo a todo en este dia especial. 

Las imágenes fundamentales que conforman nuestro portafolio son las tomas dramáticas de parejas que realizamos en aproximadamente 20-30 minutos. A lo largo del resto del día, nos dedicamos a capturar los momentos que están ocurriendo: saltos, lagrimas, risas y hasta el after party si nos dejas ! 

Somos conscientes de cómo nuestra presencia puede afectar un momento, así que a veces somos como ninjas, y otras veces necesitamos fomentar la interacción para obtener lo mejor de ella. Todo nosotros somos relajados, pero aún así nos gusta perseguir  las imágenes y videos que realmente queremos obtener.

Nos gusta hablar con nuestros clientes y ayudarles a sentirse cómodos, no todo el mundo se siento bien de frente a la camara y lo entendemos ! 

Los aspectos técnicos de la fotografía y la videografía son muy importantes para nosotros  por eso siempre queremos imágenes que muestren movimiento, emoción y un hermoso momento.

wedding photography and videography

No el tipico fotografo y videografo de bodas

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Nice to meet you




We are a storytellers who consider the small moments to be the crucial ones. We're not only here to take pictures. We can do everything for you, such be your buddy, hype friend, coffee deliverer, dress bustler, wedding party herder, and boutonniere pinner. Just as much as your guests are present, we are there to celebrate you. 


For us, having trust is really crucial. We must get along if we want to get real, true, raw images. My method is SO intentional at every stage. When our connection is based on trust, you may be more open and have more authentic, true-to-you moments that you'll want to cherish for years. 



You're most likely here because you've never thought that a grand ballroom wedding would be appropriate for you. Why should your wedding day be any different from your incredibly eventful life? Let's throw away all the customs you don't like and create a day you'll be excited to share with your future offspring! 

Elopements provide couples the flexibility to completely focus on their love story and how they want to celebrate a lifetime commitment to one another, which is one of the reasons we enjoy them so much. 

Let us carry your bouquet while we up a mountain so you may exchange vows and delight in being WILDLY IN LOVE! 



More than just amusing photographs, engagement photos stand as one of the first milestones in your wedding preparation process. This enjoyable, stress-free picture shoot serves as a practice run for the big day. You'll acquire the ability to strike a variety of attractive positions while simultaneously gathering material for your wedding website and save-the-date cards. 

You may also practice your wedding-day makeup during your engagement photos.

We create videos 

Emily + John. NY
advanced wedding photography


We meet

Let’s get creative!

If we are nearby, we can get a coffee, or we can meet through Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. 

We'll start generating ideas, and I'll use a deliberate design approach to realize your goal. P.S. This is a favorite part of ours!

Say yes!

After becoming besties and deciding we'll be the one to help you capture your big day - sign the contract + pay the deposit to secure your date!

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This timetable covers all the things you want to take care of on your big day, along with back-end logistics to ensure everything goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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OUR PROMISE : Your story is unique & unlike anyone else. We want to tell THAT story. The one you plan to share with your families and your friends. Along the road, We promise to support you every step of the way, laugh, weep, eat cake, and create work for you that you will treasure forever. We also promise to have fun with you and record you being exactly who you are. Because ultimately, we are here to help you and record your most important moments.

 Wedding Photography And Videography In Spain

"Captured Group is an absolute dream. They are so pleasant, professional, and charming. We found them on Zola, searching for someone with a style we liked and we looked no further. Maria and Ricky are so cool, they genuinely felt like guests we had invited and we not only enjoyed their photography but their presence at our wedding was comforting and fun. They cover every question or need you could possibly have, if you think it, they thought of it! Our photos are amazing and heartfelt, I will cherish them forever. You will do yourself a favor by putting your wedding photography in their capable and creative hands."

Kelsey, Ca

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