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5 Reasons To Consider A First Touch For Your Wedding!

Before your destination wedding ceremony, have you thought of doing a "first touch wedding picture shoot"? Not familiar with it? I'll tell you everything about it since it's a fantastic substitute for the "first look" fad, which is becoming more and more common.

Before the wedding, the couple takes a few moments to themselves, just the two of them...and their photographer. This is known as a "first look." First look images have many supporters and detractors, and only you can decide which is true for you. On this site, I've never spoken to a couple who regretted their first-look pictures. Most brides and couples appreciated having a few private moments to bond before the ceremony. Without a sure, the pictures are always beautiful and emotive. However, some individuals adore them while others detest first-look pictures.

This is a subject that has always caused me conflict. Yes, the pictures are beautiful, but I in no way engaged in a "first-look" before my wedding. With the exception of that, I practically never do things the usual way. As I came down the aisle clothed in white, I was eager to witness my groom's reaction. As I went closer and closer, the excitement increased. And I'll never forget the expression of wonder in my husband's eyes right before we became one. For those who got a "first peek," the experience was no doubt as spectacular. But as you well know, everyone responds differently.

My point is that not everyone enjoys the way they first seem. I want to expose you to a fantastic option if you're on the edge about taking a first look: the wedding  "first touch." When you sneak away for a few minutes alone before the ceremony, but the groom doesn't actually see you, it is a "first touch." On occasion, the pair will only hold hands while standing on opposite sides of a door. Other times, they'll read each other love letters or just enjoy each other's company while soaking in the gravity of the situation.

I adore first touch photos ! To demonstrate that there are alternatives if you don't like the notion of seeing each other before the ceremony, I've gathered some of the most inventive and touching first touch images I've ever featured on Destination Wedding Details.

1) You’ll Still Get To Spend More Time With Your Boo.

You imagine that you can spend time together, but in fact, you'll be pulled in different directions, entertain your guests, and realize at the end of the night that you didn't even have supper together. In order to spend more time together, having this moment—whether it be a First Touch or a First Look—is beneficial.

2) This Is Way More Exciting Because You Add The Mystery Element To It.

You are together, but you are not permitted to peek! And it's still a really moving and emotional moment—possibly even more so than a first impression. This might also be an opportunity for creativity and fun!

3) Keep The Tradition

This is a fantastic thing if, like me, you want to maintain the custom of not seeing each other before the ceremony but still want to have a private moment before everyone is watching.

4) You’ll Get More Portraits! A.K.A. More Photos/Videos!

It is obvious that the photographer or videographer gets more coverage when there is more time with the bride and husband!

5) You Can Share Your Personal Vows During This Time.

Or perhaps you could sing and play the guitar. Here, you can share presents, notes, or prayers if you're uncomfortable expressing your entire emotional spectrum to a large group of people.

In the end, I would only advise you to choose a course of action that would benefit YOU BOTH. This works if you both desire an intimate moment with each other but don't want to ruin the moment when you see each other for the first time walking down the aisle. The photographer or videographer can record it from a distance so you can appreciate being in the moment if you're willing to do a first touch but concerned about the camera sounds or having someone watching you while you do it. There is no pressure, and you may focus on whatever is most important to you. I hope this is useful.


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