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Powerful Tips on How to Write Wedding Vows + Examples

While weddings are a happy occasion, one of the most difficult aspects is figuring out how to create wedding vows that are completely yours. You want them to be amusing, charming, emotional, and distinctive, but you're not sure where to begin. We have some excellent advice for you!

Part 1: Writing Your Own Wedding Vows that Don’t Suck

Let's get you going on creating your own, distinctive, or original wedding vows. You can find ideas and inspiration for the vows themselves as well as writing advice in the guidelines that follow.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute.

Your officiant, pastor, priest, rabbi, your entire family, and your circle of friends will all be present when you say your wedding vows. Throwing them together at the last minute is the absolute last thing you want to do.

We advise beginning the process immediately. You'll have enough time to write, edit, and perhaps even somewhat put off getting started.

Use keepsakes, letters, cards, and gifts for inspiration.

Any type of writing requires inspiration. You should surround yourself with mementos, cards, gifts, and anything else you've received from your future spouse because making wedding vows is similar to receiving them.

These items will serve as a reminder of memorable occasions that may serve as the basis for your declarations of love and dedication.

Agree on a format beforehand.

You'll probably want to keep your vows a little bit of a secret until the big day if you're like most couples. However, it is a good idea to decide on a particular structure, length, and other ground rules. One of you might be fine with comedy while the other may not be.

To ensure that you both keep to the same number of words, more or less, you should also agree on the length of your vows. Of course, nothing prevents you from writing your vows together, which some people find to be incredibly romantic.

Ask a trusted friend or family member to read your vows.

This advice may not be necessary for you if writing comes naturally to you. If not, it's a good idea to have a trusted family member or friend read your vows to you before you say them on your big day. Even better, ask them to read the vows to you aloud so you can hear the wording, cadence, and inflections.

Wedding vows that aren't conventional can break the mold, but you don't want to say anything that your future husband or others would find to be excessive.

Write. Stop. Write Again. Repeat.

Don't attempt to write everything in one night. This is a terrific tip for those who don't write frequently. The world's top authors occasionally take pauses from their work. They can then return to it later on with a new perspective, a fresh outlook, or new inspiration. You ought to follow that example.

Spend a few hours writing one day, then put the pen down. Return a day or two later, write a little bit more, and then stop once more.

Continue doing this until you feel that your wedding vows are the best they can be. We promise that you won't believe how well this works.

Make a list of the things you love.

Consider writing a list instead of words if you're having problems getting started with writing on paper (or a computer screen). Make a list of all the qualities that you adore about that particular someone. Create another list of the activities you enjoy doing with your partner or a list of the goals and aspirations you share.

Without caring about how it sounds, jot down everything that comes to mind. When you're through, you can use your lists as an inspiration for what to write and to add something special to your wedding vows.

Don’t get too personal or TMI.

Yes, the wording of your wedding vows should express your love for one another and your deepest feelings for one another. Having said that, use caution because your friends and family will be listening.

You should generally avoid discussing your sexual life or any inside jokes that only you would understand (obviously).

However, since these are your vows, you are essentially free to say whatever you wish. Go for it as long as you both concur. BIG TIP: Avoid embarrassing your sweetheart by not include a surprise personal reference. That can make for a somewhat unpleasant start to your wedding day.)

Answer your own questions.

Another piece of advice for those of you who struggle with writing is this. Make a list of questions, then respond to each one. This is a fantastic approach to motivate yourself using information you already know. Here are some excellent examples:

How did you two meet?

When did he or she say "I love you" for the first time?

What connects you, exactly?

When you first met, what did you think?

What memorable activities have you two explored? (Holidays, etc.)

What about them do you adore most?

What encouraged you to follow them?

What hobbies do you two enjoy?

Get the picture? These and other inquiries are endless, and you can use the responses to create your vows. When you create your own wedding vows, you can talk about anything you choose. They can also serve as a valuable resource while formulating civil wedding vows.

Part 2- Step-By-Step Tips to Writing Your Unique Wedding Vows

Write your non-traditional wedding vows using the step-by-step directions we'll provide in this part (like paint-by-numbers!). You can use them as-is or make adjustments to suit your personal style.

State who this wonderful person standing before you is.

Start with a sentence that expresses that they are your best friend, your soul mate, or the yin to your yang.

Here's an example: "James, you are my best friend, my partner in crime, and the love of my life."

Write down the things you love about your spouse-to-be.

The focus of this section will be on the qualities that you like in your partner. Possibly the quality that first drew you to them or the one that makes them the most likable. It can be the thing you miss about them when they're gone or the reason you adore them.

"I've felt that you are my soul mate ever since the day I first saw you. I miss you so much while we're apart and I adore you for the way you make me feel when we're together. Together, we have developed tremendously, and you enhance my life and motivate me to do better"

Tell a Story About How You Met or Fell In Love

Many couples enjoy including a story about how they first met, their first kiss, etc. This can enhance the significance of your vows and provide your loved ones with some context for your marriage decision (and how deeply you care for each other).

For instance, "Since the day I watched you get pulled around on a rope on your skis by a horse - (turn to guests) For those in attendance who are unaware, Maria does skijoring - I knew that I couldn't fathom my life without you ever again. You told me I was the companion you'd only imagined while riding the ski lift . I had the same same feelings about you at that precise moment, so it felt great.

Tell the promises you want to make to your partner.

The phrase "to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, etc." is used in many traditional wedding vows, and it is said here.

These also promise to stand by your partner and provide examples of how you will do so. You wanted to write these vows in the first place, so go ahead and add your own unique flair and style.

Examples: "I promise to love you and stand by your side through the good times and the bad."

No matter what the future holds, I promise to always be loyal and to be your best friend.

"I pledge to support you wholeheartedly and be your biggest fan constantly."

"I commit to love and stand by you."

"I promise to love you passionately for the rest of my days."

For the rest of your life, I promise to love you.

"I promise to love you and spend the rest of my days with you, in front of our family and friends, for richer or worse, in sickness and in health, for better or worse."

Add some humor or romance. Why not both?

You are free to include anything you want in your secular wedding vows, including sentimental and hilarious passages. These can greatly enhance their originality and flavor, making them even more memorable.


"I promise to love you with all my heart until the day I die and never leave your side."

"I promise to always and forever share with you my dreams, my secrets, and my deepest feelings."

I promise to always give you fair notice if my mother is coming to visit and to never leave the toilet seat up. (Watch out for that one!)

"Even if the Niners are facing the Raiders, I promise to support them."

Mention things you will do together.

You and your partner will become a married couple, a team, or a lifetime partnership on your wedding day (choose whichever term you like best). Because of this, you ought to list a couple of the activities you'll accomplish as you develop closer together in the future.


We have each other to rely on, so together we can face the future courageously.

Together, we will alter the world and continue to advance.

Remember to add the tough stuff.

Of course, we're referring to difficult times that every partnership eventually experiences. You should be sure you acknowledge in your vows that life in the future won't just be tea and crumpets.

Examples: "I promise to be true in the good times, the bad times, and all in between."

"When you really need me, I promise to look after you and put your needs first."

Even if you gave me the erroneous directions, I promise not to engage in pointless debates because our friendship is so much more important than that.

Wrap it up in a beautiful bow.

Your original wedding vows should end with a last pledge to always be the one. Make this final sentence count because it's the major conclusion.


You are the love of my life, and I make a lifelong commitment to admire, appreciate, and respect you.

No matter what the future has for us, I give you my heart, soul, and trust today and forever

Part 3: Full Non-Traditional Unique Wedding Vow Examples

This blog post explains how to write creative wedding vows. There should be something for everyone among the many varieties of wedding vows. Providing samples like these for your wedding ceremony is one way we strive to lighten the stressful nature of wedding planning!

Given how crucial they are to the wedding ceremony, writing vows ought to come easy. Wrong! Many of us struggle to find the perfect words to describe our partner's unending devotion.

Want to know how do you write a short wedding vow? View our examples below!

If you're writing a brief wedding vow, be sincere and don't be afraid to cry. As long as the person you ask for aid from knows you well enough not to take it personally, it's acceptable to do so. If you think original examples would be more useful, we've included some below.

These are not your average “In sickness and in health.” Here are sample wedding vows with a bit of sentiment, empathy, humor, silliness, and heartfelt love. (Who cut the onions?).

Don't criticize us; we wrote these ourselves. Therefore, feel free to use them as a starting point for your own creations without giving us credit :)

Short Sample Wedding Vows

"I promise to be kind, forgiving, and patient. I commit to loving and caring for you forever, starting today, in my heart, mind, and soul.

It appears to me that the best way to love you is to keep turning up, in all my thoughts about how to do so.

"I will always do my best for you and be the person you need me to be,"

As I lead you through every area of my heart till eternity, I promise never to withhold any of myself but to give more than ever before.

"I promise to you that I will always be yours, along with my heart. You have my entire attention, as I promised in my wedding vows. My devotion to you never ends.

"We shall be partners, lovers, and closest friends. Everything, from our deepest secrets to the most private passionate moments, will be shared.

"I promise to give you my whole self, including my heart. You have me forever, as I promised in my wedding vows. My devotion to you is unending.

"I promise to love and serve you today, tomorrow, and forever."

Regardless of where our path through life takes us, please know that my heart is yours as well.

"I want nothing more than to be your husband/wife, but it has taken a long time to come."

I promise to open up to you about everything, including my darkest secrets and my most passionate moments.

I'll never stop believing in us. "I will always love you, no matter how many ups and downs we go through."

"I promise to love you, to be your devoted life partner, and to live each day in appreciation of you."

"To me, you are the most significant person in the world. Together, we will create a place where everyone is respected for their thoughts and feelings. For as long as I have breath, I swear to love you.

I promise to love you completely and forever.

"I entirely devote myself to you. I give you my affection in exchange for your joy. I give up everything I have so we can age together.

"You are my other half and the world's best friend. The love of my life is you.

Unique Sample Wedding Vows

-I swear to be your guide and partner in all of life's adventures, starting today and continuing every day for the rest of my life. So that we can share in this amazing life journey, I'll always keep you close by. I make a commitment to be your closest friend and crime-fighting partner as well as someone who will show you their love even when times are tough.

-I swear to be there for you starting today and continuing forever. I'm looking forward to our trip, whether we're Netflixing and chilling or traveling to a new nation. Just know that you have all of me through thick and thin, through good times or terrible ones, including those tough moments - and I am so pleased they happen because I love you so much more when we overcome adversity.

-I promise to be your (husband/wife), my partner, and sidekick in all of life's adventures today and every day for the rest of my life. We'll embark on a journey unlike any other as a group! I totally vouch for myself.

-I swear to love you for the rest of my life and to always be receptive to your needs, wants, and desires. I will always listen to you with understanding as you express your future aspirations. If we are willing to meaningfully communicate about any issues or challenges, we can resolve them together. We will never back down from our promise, no matter what comes our way.

-This relationship has given me the chance to develop as a person and discover more about what I want from life. There will be no holding back from exploring our future life together now that we have reconnected!

-As your husband/wife, I promise to be by your side in good times and bad, even when challenges arise. I will always place the utmost importance on your satisfaction.

-I promise that from this day forward, I will never, ever damage you or let you feel less than flawless in any manner. From this day forward, until death separates us once more, I swear to love, honor, and cherish our partnership.

-The most crucial thing is that we develop as a pair together via shared experiences, whether they are happy or sad, so we can better understand what life means to each other. Even if they aren't mine, I want all of your dreams to come true because then they become mine and yours together.

-As your husband or wife, I pledge to adore you without end for the remainder of our days together. I'll keep you warm and safe while protecting you from any difficulties that may come our way. We have each other to fall back on in hard times. Let's create lifelong memories and make today a day of firsts together!

-I promise as your (husband/wife) to remain at your side today and every day for the rest of my life. Our hearts beat in unison, and we are one soul divided into two halves. From now on, it's just me and you, sweetheart, through global pandemics and quarantines, sunrise to sunset, dark to morning.

-The world disappears while we are together. Being there for each moment of your life and doing our best to treasure it together are the only things that matter. If our paths had not intersected, none of these amazing experiences would have occurred, and it means even more that we were able to share them together. You are my greatest gift in this lifetime.

-I'm so in love with you, it hurts almost! You are my everything. When we are together, I experience unfathomable bliss. My focus right now and always will be on my family as a whole. I support marriage as a gift, and I want to call you my husband or wife.

-I treasure every minute spent with you. You are the breath and heartbeat that give me life each and every day. But as we stand in front of these witnesses today, I promise to make every day count more than any other since they are all ours to cherish and share together forever starting from this day forward.

-It has nothing to do with the rings we wear. All eyes are on us! And starting today, till death do us part, I promise to be your closest friend, lover, and soul mate.

-We are a family bound by love, not just two souls coming together. We make a commitment to keep our attention on our shared principles, which will direct both of our lives as one through joy and sorrow, in good health and in bad, until death separates us.

-Today, I make a commitment to you. I am yours now and always. "I forever bind our pledges to one another with this ring. And I give my heart with these hands, forever.

-You are the world to me; my dearest friend. We've experienced our fair share of hardships, but they've only helped me to appreciate what a priceless gift your company is to me. As it should be, we are now committed to being together forever.

-We are entering this life as a unit. We shall be steadfast in attending to one another's physical, spiritual, and emotional needs so that we can confront the challenges of today and tomorrow with courage that is renewed every day.

-I swear to be your rock as your spouse. I'll do my best to inspire and uplift you. I'll always be here for you. I'll put in a lot of effort each day to make sure you and I both understand how much I value and adore you.

I promise to be your devoted husband or wife from this day forward, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, with everything I have. Our collective days are like the intricate threads of a tapestry that come together to form a flawless whole. These wedding vows, which were exchanged here today in front of our friends and family, were crafted by two individuals who had made up their minds that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together as one firm and loved thread.

-For better or worse, whatever comes our way, we stand unflinching because we know that nothing can thwart our love or separate us from each other. The most significant person in my life has always been you. I will be your husband or wife going ahead, and you will be my husband or wife.

-I take thee as my legally binding spouse, to have and retain from this day forward, for better or worse, renouncing all others who have come before me. Do so with confidence, knowing that our lives are intertwined... and bring about a flawless whole known as love.

-I promise to support you no matter what, in both good and bad times. Together, we are capable of overcoming any obstacle. Every day I grow more in love with you, and I'm so grateful to have discovered someone who will support me through all the difficulties life throws at us.

-Join me in life; we're going to get along so much better. When you are joyful, I want to laugh with you; when you are sad, I want to be there for you; and whenever you need encouragement. Long after today is finished, we'll still be there for one another and be able to conquer whatever obstacles arise.

-Let's use this love as the cornerstone for a lifetime of happiness. We won't give up or give in to hardship; instead, we will continually renew our trust in one another and in ourselves.

-You have my complete heart and soul as we travel down the road of life hand in hand."

-Since the moment we first met, unity has been our destiny. In this instant, two people on earth became one, and our spirits have now united. Every hour that passes, my love for you grows deeper and deeper, just like the roots of the mountain that supports it.

-You hold my future. I swear to never forget how much you mean to me. I'll keep that promise until we're both old and gray.

Funny Wedding Vows

Do you want to see how many different feelings you may express in your vows? A great approach to make your guests cry and then laugh is to switch from being lovely to being silly. Here are a few humorous wedding vow samples:

Give me your burned coffee, your lengthy commutes, and your awful hair days. If you want my affection, I'll give it to you.

Even if you're in the wrong, as your (husband/wife), I'll always remain at your side. Even if it's just for me, I swear to never let the dirty dishes pile up in the sink for too long! Even when I'm obviously winning, I swear to never keep track.

"We're just better together," you say, "you're the peanut butter to my jelly, the salt to my pepper shaker, and the nacho cheese to my fries."

I promise not to watch any Netflix content behind your back.

I swear to never ask you to wear any of my things and to always wear matching socks.

I honestly pledge that if we have children together, I would play with them every day rather than merely tossing a ball at them or reading them the same bedtime tale over and again.

I appreciate your love despite the fact that my hairline has gotten thinner since high school and may never fill back in.

I swear to take better pictures of you and to always capture your best aspect.

If you'll excuse me for missing your birthday and anniversary back in 2018, I'll pledge to do so going forward.

Like when we were huddled together during a pandemic, I swear never to leave your side.

"You are the unique flavor I need in life," I said. "You are the mustard to my mayo, the salt to my pepper shaker."

We'll make fresh mistakes every day and learn from them more quickly than ever before. When you're hungover, I'll bring you Pedialyte and Advil.

Wedding Vow for a Passed Down Wedding Ring

This wedding band has survived the test of time and been handed down from generation to generation. It stands for our enduring love and dedication to one another.

It stands for the unbreakable connection you gave me today. No matter what the future has for us, good or terrible, as long as we have it on our hands, nothing can separate us because we are one soul united.

For all that we share together, both now and forevermore, I will always be your life partner; along with this ring!

Sample Wedding Vows for Him

You want to make your spouse feel special when you write your wedding vows for him. You need to make sure that your wedding vows will make him cry with joy and feeling, regardless of whether he is a "macho man" or not.

Nothing makes me happier than being able to call you my spouse.

"You've given me a happy and humorous existence," she said.

"I promise to adore you, look out for you, respect you, and treasure our union. The day I first met my closest buddy in person is one I'll never forget! My initial reaction to seeing your face was similar to watching the sun rise on a new day. Knowing that there is now someone who loves me as much as I do warmed my heart. Being close to me makes everything look better since nothing matters more than sharing eternity with you.

This should serve as motivation to come up with original wording for your own vows, we hope! It should be obvious after reading these examples that a straightforward "you're the best" or "we'll never part" may not be a good marriage promise. Instead, consider what matters to your loved one and how you may show your affection to them the most.

One of the most intimate events in a couple's lives is their wedding vows, which can be as straightforward or elaborate as the pair chooses. Writing your own wedding vows is something you may do in any way.

Exchanging rings, drinking wine from two glasses that represent both families, stating "I now declare you husband and wife" (or " for eternity"), giving away flowers after the ceremony, and other customs have become common additions to more contemporary weddings.

Thanks for reading and we hope you’re inspired to write your own wedding vows!


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